Waukee Bands Prepare for 133rd Rose Parade

Students Prepare for the Trip of a Lifetime

We are only a few days away. 

“It’s like the Super Bowl of marching band,” says Colson Thayer.

The Warrior Regiment. The Northwest Royal Brigade. Two bands teaming together for the trip of a lifetime. 

“I think it’s spectacular that a school here is able to do something on a national scale,” says Keegan Jagim.

On January 1, our combined band will be performing in the 133rd Rose Parade

“I am so excited,” says Moesha Chhatlani. “Every time I think about going to California, I get so pumped.”

“It’s crazy how big it is, like 45 million people,” adds Thayer. “Our band from Waukee, Iowa is going to be there. It’s going to be insane.”

 “We have been waiting for this,” shares Mallory Metzger. “It’s going to be great to finally get there.”

The path to Pasadena has been a tricky one. The Waukee High School Band was supposed to go last year, but COVID-19 changed those plans. They are back to kick off 2022 as a combined band, with members from both of our high schools.

“It’s going to be an amazing feeling to combine together and do that one last thing together, says Jagim. “We’ve known the Northwest senior class for years now, so to be able to come together for our last marching band performance will be fantastic.”

The two school twist does put a unique wrinkle on the rehearsal situation.

“It’s been hard to get them combined so we put in the work when we are separate,” says Jagim. 

Hard work is no problem for this group because a once-in-a-lifetime experience is on the horizon.

“We worked so hard to get this opportunity and now we are excited,” shares Chhatlani. “I’m going out with a happy feeling.”

“Performing in front of the crowds at Band Fest is similar, but I don’t think anything can compare to the millions of people viewing live and on television,” says Metzger.

A sense of excitement and pride will be carried to California with our bands. They also know the responsibility they’ll carry with Waukee’s name on their back.

“I hope we represent Iowa as a great band and as a big family,” says Metzger.

“I hope the people in Iowa are proud of us and what we are doing, adds Jagim.

 “This is the performance of my lifetime that I’m going to remember forever,” says Thayer.

Tournament of Roses President Shares Advice

Bob Miller, the Tournament of Roses President stopped in Waukee earlier this year. He had a chance to speak with students about their upcoming trip to California and shared in their excitement. Click here for more with Miller.

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