Athletic Tickets

Adults & Students K-12

  • Varsity Football $7.00
  • All Other Varsity-level events $6.00
  • Non-Varsity Sporting Events $5.00
  • Middle School Admission $4.00

Tickets required for Kindergarten and up.

The following sports do not charge an admission fee: B/G Golf, B/G Cross Country, B/G Tennis.

Northwest High School Athletic Ticket Links 2023-2024


CIML Ticketing

All CIML schools use electronic ticketing. Use CIML Tickets to purchase tickets for any CIML competition.


Athletic Passes

  • Student Pass 9-12 $70.00
  • Family Pass $285.00

Purchase Activity Passes Online

If you have questions please contact the Activities Office at 515.987.5181.