Historic Shot, Historic Season – Northwest High School Athletics Officially Underway!

At 9:30 on Thursday, August 12th, Henry Manning hit a historic tee shot. Manning and the Northwest Boys Golf team are the first student athletes to represent Northwest High School.

“I’m going to be kind of nervous on that first tee,” says Manning.  “New colors, first person teeing off, it’s going to be really surreal.”

“I’ve worn purple for 15 years now, it feels good to switch colors but it’s also a little different,” adds Northwest Junior Drew Oleshko.

While this is a new era, the history of golf in Waukee, especially recently, is pretty amazing. Waukee High School won their 7th state title in 2020.

“It’s going to weird playing with half of the guys,” says Oleshko. “I think we have the talent to recreate that and it would be pretty cool if we did.”

There’s pressure to win and there’s pressure to just tee off history at a new school. The northwest wolves say they are ready for the challenge.

“I feel like we can just keep the same mentality going,” says Oleshko. “I feel like we all have the same goals so the tradition will stay the same, just trying to win.”



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