Get to Know Boys Soccer Coach Carlos Acebey

Where did you grow up?

Clive, Iowa

Where did you go to school?

Valley High School in West Des Moines

How did you get into soccer? When did you start?

My parents registered me to play … It was the only sport they understood as they were raised in South America. I started playing around the age of seven.

What is your favorite thing about teaching and coaching?

Trying to mold players of various backgrounds and playing styles into a cohesive unit. 

What is the most rewarding part about your job?

People that look back fondly on their time with the program. 

Who does your family consist of?

Andrea, my wife, and our three children, Alexis, Nico and Jaxson

Favorite food & restaurant?

Filet Mignon; Panchero’s 

Favorite movie & TV show?

Young Guns; Blue Bloods

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